I have been away from the blog for a minute. Of course as you know I was in NY working with Jordan Knight, then I went to LA for about 10 days to handle some buisness with my publisher, write songs for Faith Hill with Toby Gad, Evan Bogart, Catt Gravitt, & Eman, meet with Anita Baker about producing her album (and I got a chance to see her in concert. One word. Incredible), I also met with Activision about a video game project, I am very excited about that, & I met with a few great pop songwriters about writing in the future. So the trip was very productive. I am back in the A now. Finishing up with Monica. We are doing her lead on “Superman” again. Gotta make sure the take is perfect. Mo is such a perfectionist! Love it. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. That means that my birthday is around the corner and even though this year was bumpy for me emotionally, I am at a really great place in my life. Looking forward to 32 and to 2010!

God. Love. Life. Music. Exposed.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts…

  1. I remember when I was 32…LOL I can’t wait for Anita’s album, been a fan of hers since the 80s when I was teen. Still can’t believe the group she was with told her that she can’t sing. LOL Oh well, it turned out to be for the best. 😀

    I’m super excited for Monicas album…never realised how much I missed her voice until her show which I enjoy watching. Have a great Thanksgiving, enjoy your birfed day, and I hope your great place in life gets even greater in 2010. 😀

  2. Your doing big Things. God has truly blessed you Bryan you, and 2010 is going to go great for you I always keep you in my prayers bc you are my biggest inspiration in music. Honestly your music touches me to be greater than what I am. Although I am not famous I know God will open doors for me one day bc I believe i have something to prove in this world! Thanks for the great posts and hit me up 1 day and 1 more thing that song you produced for Charlie Wilson called “Take This Ring” you killed it with the guitar plucks that go ding ding very clever to put that in!

  3. Just wanted to say congratulations on your success thus far and look forward to more great music in the future. I also wanted to say you are a HUGE reason I decided to dive into the production game full on. I can relate to your appreciation for all genres of music from Phil Collins and Genesis to the latest Jay-Z record.

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