New Music: Aion Clarke “Do You Right” (Final Mix)


Here is the final mix of Aion’s single “Do You Right” from the EP “Operation: The Leaks” entirely Produced by Bryan-Michael Cox & written by Aion Clarke, on sale digitally soon!!! Here is a gift. Download it. Play it. Put it in your ipod. Request it on your local radio station.


10 thoughts on “New Music: Aion Clarke “Do You Right” (Final Mix)

  1. He has come along way … traveling all the way from Canada to do his thing … he means business people!!!! I’m so proud of my homie … keep listening and request request request!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Lana B.

  2. Hi I’m from Germany and a big fan of Bryan’s Music. This song is one of my favourites at the moment! Amazing!! I can hear that song all the time. Aion is a talent. And B.Cox the best R&B Producer of all time! Can’t wait to here more great songs from Aion & Cox.

    Blackbaby 4 ever!

    greetz from Germany!

  3. This is my Favorite Song. Its soo what the game needs. His voice is soo smooth and classic. I love it! I love IT!!! Don’t stop comin wit the hits. Where can I buy it and when is the album coming? I need this in my life! Its Soo Smooth and SEXY!!!!

  4. DAMN! I just listened to this joint five times back to back! I have to cop this! This is the R&B I grew up on! You know who also could have killed this record is Boyz II Men! Shout to Aion Clarke! Amazing Bruh and Cox you already know! Real R&B! I love it!

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