Dopeness: The Blackroc Project

We haven’t heard too much from Dame Dash lately but this project that he is working on looks dope as shit. Check it.


3 thoughts on “Dopeness: The Blackroc Project

  1. That does look Dope. I’m ready to get that asap. any radio spins on any of these joints yet? I’m out here in SF and i know they got much love for mos def out here i know they’ll be diggin this around my neck of da woods.

  2. I gotta say I have never been a Jim Jones fan not that he is wack I just really don’t connect with his music BUT on this BLakRoc joint I am going to have to step out on a limb and say Jim Jones is actually dope over this style of music. I think he really should consider that style. Still keep it street but I think this style of production could open up his fan base tremendously. Wow! Shout out to Jim Jones! Of course Mos Def kills it as usual and I have to get my hands on anything with that involves the The Black Keys now!

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