Thoughts: Gladstone Brown, Sr. (my Great-Grandfather)


I posted this on my facebook page yesterday:

I had the most incredible dream today about my Great-Grandfather. I was blessed to know my Great-Grandparents very well into my adulthood and hadn’t thought about them in awhile. It was refreshing to “see” him again. And spend that time on the porch with him at the old house. The dream was sooooo real!

My cousin Andrea asked me “What did I think the dream meant?” and immediately I thought about some of the trials that I have been going through in my life lately. I thought about my relationship with my family. We have always been close and I have been on the outside looking in for some years now. Got myself all caught up with keeping up with work. Kind of forgotten how important it is to stay connected to your loved ones. So I think that the dream was a reminder to never lose that connection. And for our family, no matter what anyone is going through, to stay close. I also believe that it is also a sign that I should accept my responsibility as an anchor for the family. I think subconsiously I have been running from that responsibility because I have watched and depended on my Mother to be that all of my life but the reality is We’re all getting older and someone has to be willing to accept that responsiblity. I have to pay attention to these signs. I love my family dearly and will do anyting for them.

God. Love. Life. Music. Family. Exposed.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts: Gladstone Brown, Sr. (my Great-Grandfather)

  1. Wow Bryan… I feel like I’ve been running from that same responsibility too. Dodging/Scheduling FAMILY phone calls, so ashamed.. It’s tough. thanx you just got my mind right. 8)

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