Old School Joint: “Whatever You Want” Tony, Toni, Tone’

This joint takes me back to the 6th grade. Paul Revere Middle School (for those that know me well, this was before I came to Welch). I had just moved from Fonvilla (located on Fondren between Beechnut & Bissonnet) to a more “upscale” (or so we thought) townhome community called Village of Fondren II (located on South Gessner & Riceville School Road, which is now Beltway 8. When we moved out there it was nothing out there). I remember it being winter because this was one of the very first CD’s that I got along with a brand new portable CD player for Christmas. I got two other CD’s that year for Christmas. One was Keith Sweat’s “I’ll Give All My Love To You” the other was Alex Bugnon’s Head Over Heels”. The year was 1990. This song has always held a special place in my heart. It was the first time I recognized how important a guitar is to a ballad. And I want to say this is when I fell in love with that sound. A lot of my ballads are guitar heavy like “Get Gone” for Ideal, “Healing” & “What You Trying To Do” for Jagged Edge, and most recently “Last Chance” for Ginuwine. Though I don’t play guitar very well, I can chord around enough to write a song, I love the sound of guitars. And thanks to my good friends Kevin Hicks, Craig Love, & Siete they make my guitar dreams come to life on my tracks. So here’s to you guys, “Whatever You Want” by Tony, Toni, Tone’. And let’s toast to the “R&B Guitar Ballad” that we made famous…

God. Love. Life. Music. Exposed.


2 thoughts on “Old School Joint: “Whatever You Want” Tony, Toni, Tone’

  1. Man u just took me back down memory lane! I love this song. Never really noticed how guitar heavy the songs were, now I will be listening with a “semi” trained musical ear for guitar ballads…lol.

  2. I remember that time around the late 80s mid 90s. All that music back then seemed to mean something. This one is no different, i was only in maybe the first or second grade in 1990 but I remember when this video came on tv, this was a smash. I was happy as hell to see this video again. Thanks for posting this.

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