So, I haven’t been blogging in a second. A lot has happened these past few weeks. I was in a car accident last Saturday right before the BET Awards. Bentley just got smashed yo! Thank God that Bertell and I came out without a scratch. God is awesome. I have had some back pains and been on meds all week but other than that I am fine! Then I went home to Houston to catch up with my Mom and handle some biz for what was supposed to be one day. Turned into a few days because I had some flight issues (of course, always missing my flights) & got caught up with some other foolishness that I will refuse to go into. Got back and started on the new Jagged Edge album. I am very excited about it, it feels like old times. One thing I can say about the twins (Brian and Brandon Casey) is we never had any “stupid” issues. If we had a problem with one another we always addressed whether it was nice or not, we addressed it. I have the upmost respect for those guys and our history. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t know about me getting inducted into the GA Music Hall of Fame because those guys were very instrumental to my music getting heard by JD. Someone let that slip through the cracks and I will take full responsibility for that. But nonetheless our energy is great & we laid down 6 ideas. It was just flowing and I miss being around them. Hopefully we will have a single for you all in the next few weeks. Of course, the General (JD) has been finishing up Dondria’s project, which I have been co-writing & co-producing with him. I am very excited about her up coming single “You’re The One”. We are also represented very well on Usher’s upcoming release. JD, myself, & Sinatra wrote a couple of joints on the much anticipated release. Very excited about that one as well. And of course, Sinatra and I have been working on joints for Mary. I think we might have nailed a few. Let’s keep the prayers up on that one!!!!

Also, BERTELL’s new single she bad goes for ads in 10 days!!!!!! Make sure you request it and buy it from iTunes!!!!!!!! The album “Goin’ Hard” is stores on Feb. 2, 2010! Available on Blackbaby/MRV/Upscale/Capitol Records! YOU HAVE BEEN INFORMED!!!!!!

God. Love. Life. Music. Exposed.


9 thoughts on “Thoughts.

  1. It’s good to hear that you & Bertell are okay. Accidents are no joke.

    Congrats on all the upcoming projects, and you have NO idea how excited I am to hear that you are working w/ Brandon & Brian again. I love(d) JE!! Have every album πŸ™‚

    Keep it coming. TrueLifer πŸ˜›

  2. It’s good to see that you are doing well and as I always say when good and bad happen at the same time there is always a blessing in a blind spot… Keep up the great work and good words…. Latina

    P.S. Mr. LoveGuru I like everyone is waiting on that book man! πŸ™‚

  3. yo glad to see u back and to hear that u and bertell r okay man u and JD are the only blogs i read man i was missing u for a min. but i checked back everyday welcome back.

  4. You two are so blessed to come out the accident without being seriously injured. I’ll pray for your full recovery w/ your back pains.

    Thank you soooo much on the updates. I keep up w/ Dondria often, so I usually know what’s going on with her. It’s great to hear about J.E. and Usher upcoming albums.

    I’m definitely not surprised about you and Sinatra working hard of everyone’s projects…who doesn’t want to work with you two!?! Take care Brian!

  5. I was a bit scared when I heard yall were in an accident. I actually found out from a friend right after it happened. The text actually said “BMC was in a bad car accident!” and thats it. So you can imagine my worry. But I was soooo happy to find out yoou were okay. Hope you feel better…and I’m looking forward to hearing more great music from you. Especially Love Exposed.

    Oh and on a side note your twit about “Black Butterfly” -by Denise Williams brought back memories. I wrote my first poem back when I was in the fourth grade called “I Am A Black Child” and my teacher loved it so much she asked me to perform it for our Black History month program. I read my peom with “Black Butterfly” playing in the background. Good memories!

  6. Make sure you take care of that back! Back Pain is horrible,I find massage and stretching helps. It’s great to hear that you’re working with JE! I love them, and I really hope this next album brings them back and shows everyone why they should love them too;)And just wanted you to know that you are great at what you do,all the best to you and your up coming projects.

  7. I wish u a speedy recovery Nacho!!! Good to see u push your blogs more and more. You and Sinatra are my two fav songwriters…Although I tend to get at Inty on the LTL joint, I have mad respect for the craft of music. Keep doing you thang and congrats on the induction into the GA Music Hall of Fame.

    Mr. 4LifeEnt215

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