In the studio with Justin Bieber.


Usher signed Justin Bieber to Def Jam via his label. This little guy is the truth. He plays guitar, piano, and he sings his tail off. Johnta & I wrote a song for him called “Never Let You Go”. I am recalling the mix now so I decided to blog about it. Be on the look out for him and make sure you purchase his new single “One Time” on iTunes or your local retailer.

God. Love. Life. Music.


9 thoughts on “In the studio with Justin Bieber.

  1. I just tweeted about him last week after seeing his video. I didn’t know he was sooo talented but I love “One Time”…can’t wait to hear the magic you & Johnta will come up wit.
    Luv Ya,

  2. Kid has talent. I currently attend Full Sail University i want to be a mix engineer/producer but I wish i was given the chance to show off my heart touching music to a high end artist. I believe God will touch a celebrity so they can here What i got. Anyways God Bless and B.cox you are a huge inspiration to me anyways my email is

  3. Hello Justin ♥
    I like you very much and you would also like soo (Meetings:
    I just hope I would live in Canada (:
    I like you very much and .. do not know what to say (:
    Here, I’ll give you all of me x3
    Mobile phone: 01747829344
    Telephone: 059522726
    Address: Hölferlin 11
    Location: 49751 Sögel
    I gave you everything that is important
    Oh yes my name is Karina Hildebrandt (:
    And would at 10.22 14 (:
    With friendly greetings Karina ♥

  4. HI JUSTIN BIEBER, HOW R YEW DOIN AND WAT’S YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER ALSO WHEN CAN I SEE U?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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