Ocean’s News: BMC x GA Music Hall Of Fame

Being inducted to the GA Music Hall of Fame is definitely one of the defining moments in my life. Thank you to all who have affected my life positive and negative. Life is about learning and everyday I strive to learn more. There is nothing like God’s grace and mercy. My entire family prays for me and their prayers are 100% felt. Like I said in my speech, I am honoring my mother with this award. I love her. She lived for me. So I live for her.

God. Love. Life. Music.


4 thoughts on “Ocean’s News: BMC x GA Music Hall Of Fame

  1. Bryon you are one of my biggest insprations of all time! I am attending The Los ANgeles Recording School in oct to become a audio engineer i hope my dreams of qorking with you one day comes true .Its funny how i buy a cd and look at the production and you are on all my favorite songs on the joint thats amazing! hope my dreams of opening a cd and seeing my name as the engineer appears on day hell i take assitant engineer lol but much love and much more success you are a great role model Love Trisha ps remember me because im going to remember this email when i meet you lol!

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