Thoughts. Love, Sex, & Religion.


As we continue to finish Johnta’s debut album “Love, Sex, & Religion”, I have been pondering this subject and how all three words are connected. So let’s take the word “Love”. God is Love. That’s what I believe whole heartedly. And the love between a man and a women is absolutely nessecary. For example the bible says in Genesis 2:18 “It is not good for the man to be alone, I will make a helper who is suitable for him”. Now before you take that and make assumptions let’s break the verse down. “Helper”: In the book of Genesis the word “helper” is used 20 times. 15 of those 20 times is in reference to God. Because God is our ULTIMATE help! The other 5 times it’s in reference to the woman. So when I think of the word “helper” I say that it means that women are supposed to bring the best out of us and/or help us meet our full potential as men. Most women I know are afraid of that word SUBMIT because it means “to accept or yield to a superior force or the authority or will of another person”. And most men abuse that word but, in Ephesians 5:21 it clearly states that “we (husband & wife) submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Then it outlines our duties to one another. I know I am getting a little deep but this is going to help me with the process of Johnta’s album so follow me a little while longer. So let’s talk about “sex”. Sexuality is the bond that ties us physically to our spouse. Hence the term “becoming one”. So you have to keep that flame burning hot. Once you get into a groove with your spouse, you have to build on that groove. So when Johnta writes & sings lyrics like “My bedroom must be the church, because you keep calling for Jesus!” He is validating the fact that God is definitely involved when you are making love to your spouse. That’s why I sent that birthday sex tweet out last night. I just feel like you and your spouse should have that “birthday sex” all of the time, not just on the holidays, birthdays, or when there’s a full moon! The whole sitting on my face thing might have been a little over the top but it’s true. There should be no bounderies in that department. It only makes your bond stronger. And there’s proof in the pudding, if you talk to a happily married couple who has been married for awhile, a major key to their happiness is the freedom in the bedroom. Trust me. And this blog has been touching on religion as a whole. It all goes hand in hand. God created everything. Love. Sex. Everything. It is ALL a blessing if we use it correctly. The Love Guru has spoken.

God. Love. Life. Music.


26 thoughts on “Thoughts. Love, Sex, & Religion.

  1. Man that is sooo real!! And powerful!!! Im glad u r touching on this subject and validating it with scripture!!!! Luv 4that!!

    • Mr Cox,

      I appreciate your ability to weave the teachings of the Bible with your explanation behind the message of Johnta’s new release. I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. Truth, Truth, Truth! What I love most is the scripture Genesis 2:18 ….I will make a “helper” that is suitable to him. One thing I have learned is, THERE IS ONE THAT HAS BEEN CREATED THAT IS SUITABLE FOR HIM..we all should take that into consideration as women, when we use the gifts of God that were made to help “him” and use them on guys that were never created to be your husband. Women roles are so important in HER man’s life, she must take it seriously. I must admit that when I heard the snippet of Johnta song “OMG”, I did not know what to think, but one thing was for sure I liked it. I prayed and was given the understanding, of the goodness of God! God Is Love!

  3. Interesting perspective. I have to agree with you, especially women and the word submit. It took me a minute to realize submitting in marriage is nothing more than trusting your husband to do the right thing for his mate and family. It was a hard truth to come to grips with as that word sounds so “Soft” in this world were women are now taught to be hard-core independent. It’s when you are able to find that balance within yourself and realize – as a woman – that allowing yourself to need someone – hard thing believe it or not — is not a bad thing. It’s just the finding the person who will respect, love and honor your trust in them to be the head. Not many men out there are worthy of that title. 😉

  4. This is a GREAT post for the most part. I’m with you on everything except the Johnta lyrics which I’ll get to in a quick second (this will NOT be a long comment). I’ve never had a problem with the word “submit” as it relates to vows and marriages because I believe that the man I marry will be a man who takes care of his business and 95% of the time (you know we all get selfish at times) is looking out for the best interest of US. If that’s not the case before marriage, there should be no vows exchanged. Therefore, in hoping that he makes those smart decisions (whether they always work or not is a different story, lol) I have no problem submitting to him. At the same time, we’re hear for each other so when EYE know best for US, he should submit to me (whether it’ll work out or not is a different story). We’re in it together to we should submit to each other. I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and the officiant went on for about 7 minutes focusing on that work and how the husband submits to the wife, the wife submits to the husband and they both submit to God. It was wonderful.

    I don’t have anything to add to your sexuality part or the birthday tweet b/c I agree AND Retweeted that for you babe! LOL!

    As for Johnta, to be honest that’s the “easiest” way of trying to deflect the criticism that he will (and has on the comments) get for a song like that…no matter how catchy the song may be or how good he sounds singing it. Lyrics like, “My bedroom must be the church, because you keep calling for Jesus!” and “in your own words it’s like Making love with God” do not, AT ALL, sound like him validating that God is present. The latter of the two lines I posted can almost be taken as sacrilegious. Women DO say, “Oh my God” during sex…but it is not because they feel like “God is present.” It’s because the sex is good in that moment and that’s the first thing that comes to mind. But that’s MY viewpoint of that song (from what I heard on LTL) and we’ll just see what happens. LOL!

    Okay, I said this wasn’t going to be long and look what happened. If you look at it, you’ll be like “WTF? Did she write a book?” My bad, I just have to make my points!

    LOVE the blog, Bryan!

  5. I had the “birthday sex” argument with a friend a few weeks ago. Sex should be special ALL the time not only on special days. The sitting on your face comment was funny but there is a lot of truth in it.

  6. Hey B Cox I have no thoughts about so I will say nothing. But please can you as excuetive producer of Monica’s album let us fans know when we will get the single, the fans are becoming dispondent every time we hear something will happen and it does not, everybody feel at the least it can be addressed in a proper manner. You might not respond but it is what it it.

    • I absolutely have no power when it comes to Monica and her label. We’re fighting the good fight to get the music to the fans a fast as we can. Just the process is taking way longer than we thought. The label wants to make sure we launch Mo the right way.

  7. thanx b cox but the dates we been getting can be addressed by sending out a bulletin via myspace saying it has changed and not having us anticiapte aug. 31 and then nothing.

  8. I love this post. Too often we use the word LOVE without fully understanding its meaning. Like you said, God is love and if God is synonymous with Love the expression “I love you” can translate to “I God you”. Love should embody all that God is…patient, kind, caring, selfless, respectful, etc. People, especially in the Christian realm, portray sex to be a sinful or bad thing but its not sex is a great thing created by God we, as humans, just abuse its purpose. I could go on for days, overall great post B Cox. The fact that you are not afraid to profess your faith is quite sexy:-) Continue to be a beacon of light!

  9. Hebrews 13:4
    Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

    Beautiful article! B.Cox you are some woman’s “Boaz”. Read the book of Ruth to understand what I mean by that. Your Ruth is out there. You’ll know her when you see her b/c it will be a confirmation in your spirit. It won’t be a “lustful” feeling either. You’ll know!

  10. That was great bravo but can you do me favor a very big favor can you leak a snippet of Virgin by Johnta for last mutha fing time lol j/p with you but really can you leak it please I have to hear it.

    Oh yeah Bcox reply to your twitter nigga I know see are comments on the song lol.

  11. YOu said,,, “So when Johnta writes & sings lyrics like “My bedroom must be the church, because you keep calling for Jesus!” He is validating the fact that God is definitely involved when you are making love to your spouse”

    What if you are not making love w/your spouse, it just some girl you took to the GRAMMYS; Is god still involved?

    Bryan you are always taking about being right w/god and she has to right w/god. Do you belevie in Sex outside of marriage? —GOD DOES NOT!!

    • I like how you are challenging me. I happen to think that it’s dope but it still doesn’t negate what my blog is about. There is a message in the blog. No one is perfect. That is already known but if you have the knowledge to be better then I want to be the person to provied that knowledge. My life is an everyday struggle to be better. So to answer your question: I have had sex outside of marriage just like the majority of the world but I am on a quest to be better just like most people. And that is not gonna happen over night but that shouldn’t stop me from spreading what I believe is right, should it? God does not believe in sex outside of marriage, the bible clearly statest that. Thank you for that notification. He without sin cast the first stone. Are you without sin? These are just questions. 🙂

  12. as women, when we do say, “oh God…” in the bedroom. that is signaling that not only are we (as women) “present/fully aware” in the activity” but that God is present/fully aware, as well. when we say “oh God” we are merging the physical and spiritual realms.

    we are expressing our love in “its” highest physical and spiritual manifestation.

    and have y’all ever thought about the connection–that every song on the radio, where “Love” is used–“God” could be used and the song would still make perfect sense? E.g., Vandross’ So Amazing, Musiq’s Love, Stephanie Mill’s Something In the Way…


    Enough reflection. Time for me to pour it up. I suggest y’all do the same.


    And Justfeening you bring up a beautiful catch 22 “being a Christian and engaging in premarital sex.” As you know, this brings up a host of ancillary questions: (a) what constitutes as sex, (b) where does sex fall in the range of sin, (c) does sexual immorality = premarital sex…

    Yes, another drink is in order.

  13. Thanks B.Cox for bring this subject up. I’ve had thoughts about love, sex, religion, marriage and music a lot. One of my current thoughts is, how does relationships or marriage work when one is in the music industy? I’m a young guy and I’m into music. Thats what my focus is on now, but I know sometime down the line I would want to settle down with a woman. Have you has any thoughts of this? Any feedback is appreciated.. -Jason

  14. Bryan, I hope I did not make you mad. I was just responding to the post. I enjoy your blog and I think you are very gifted.


    PS. You made my day by responding..


  15. You made very valid points… submitting to someone can be tough, I touched on that on a previous post… but at the end of the day there can only be one man of the house. We as women have to be able to set aside those fears and trust in our mate. Trust that he will do what is right for the family. It’s also easier when you as a couple put God first in your life, love and relationship. You shouldn’t have a problem submitting because at that point you should have prayed on it as well. Put it in God’s hand and he will work through your mate.

    As far as the birthday sex post… It was classic. I laughed out loud for real! But you were speaking the truth. It shouldn’t be just one day out of the year, for married folks it should be every day… that’s where you have the freedom (the pass) to do whatever you wanna do in the bedroom, kitchen (I know, I know) or where ever else you deem appropriate for the occasion.

    And just to piggy back off of what you said… he without sin cast the first stone. A sin is a sin, so whether someone had sex outside of marriage or lied, cheated, stole, whatever… one sin doesn’t outweigh the other. So we are all sinners. Our relationship and fellowship is with God not with our sins, we can’t let our past haunt our future. Your focus is on being a better man (or woman) tomorrow than you were today. We are all imperfect people.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Ephesians, GREAT book of the Bible, Agreed, women are helpers! We [women] should desire (emphasis on desire) to help our mates reach their fullest potential. Any woman who loves her man shouldn’t have a problem in the world doing so. She should always be like “Bae, I got you!” Beside every great man is a great woman…(i.e Michele Obama), very cliché but true.
    AND right…God states that we should submit ourselves to one another. One thing that I have noticed in the Word, the Bible never really directly tells the Wife to “love” her Husband (I stand to be corrected, haven’t read the whole Bible); it always states “Husbands are to love their Wives, as Christ loved the church and as Husbands love themselves. It instructs her to submit and support. Why…b/c submission is love! Submitting ourselves to our Husbands and giving support is love. Men equate love with actions; women equate love with words and tangibles. Submission is also support. When Husbands see this support, this love, they then turn around and give, and cherish their Wives making sure she’s always on point thus having her reach her potential. It’s a team effort (that threefold cord, Wife-Husband-Christ), and it’s never about getting, it’s about giving! 1 Peter 3: 1-7 is another reference too…OK sex, that “marital sex”, I must say that I appreciate the fact that you made a point to show that you are talking and the intimacy of a Husband and Wife. God wants us (Husband and Wife) to have sex. Sex was created for marriage and to mesh their spirits into commitments of love and sacredness. Unfortunately, the song will be taken out of context b/c of how sex is EVERYWHERE! Not many will think outside of the box and look for that deep meaning. Just my thoughts here, Peace and Blessings every1. (sorry for the dissertation I wrote but I appreciate healthy conversations about the Bible)

  17. I read this on a friend of my blog, so this is his thoughts…. ck it out B

    I hear people say all the time that they are “sitting back and waiting for GOD” to deliver their mate. At one time I believed the same thing. I used to say that there is someone for everybody, it’s just my person must have died at birth. After dating a couple of people who I thought GOD chose for me and eventually marrying one (now divorced), I came across a book that changed my method of thinking.

    Dr. Myles Munroe authored a book titled “Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman” and it introduced an interesting concept.

    He said that GOD does not choose your mate but instead gives you viable options. If GOD were to choose anything for you it would be Salvation which to HIM is the most important thing. So GOD will put different people in your life as possible options.

    If you can, imagine keys on a key ring and the keys represent your options that GOD is providing you. It is up to you to choose the key that fits your heart perfectly. As men and women we too often make the mistake of forcing a key that does not fit.

    I believe dating and getting to know different people at the same time is vital to choosing your soul mate. Understand that means being open and honest with all parties involved so there is no confusion.

    Once you make the choice and present them to GOD you are to honor your vows whether it is the right choice or not.

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