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“Def Ears” Eric Roberson [Blue Erro Soul]

This joint takes me back to a time when my life wasn’t so complicated. But it also puts me in the mindset of where I am in my life now. We find ourselves asking God for clarity everyday. Is she the ONE? Am I buggin’? Should we jepardize our friendship? “I’ve been hurt messin with lesser…” This song feels like that unexplainable feeling she gives you when she is around. “So I ask could she be a simple friend also made for me?” “Could she be the missing pieces in my life?” Someone asked me the other day, how do you know when you found the ONE? I answered with You just know when you know. Energy is extremely important in recognizing that. When you don’t want to move in the morning because the feeling of her face on your neck and her legs wrapped around you is all you need to get you through the day. Or when you wake up in the lip lock not even realizing that you were kissing while you were sleeping. When she wears your t-shirt while you are gone because she misses you that much. When Donny Hathaway’s “Love, Love, Love” makes you tear up at the thought of her. Wow. In our day and time most people would say that this type of energy doesn’t exsist, oh but I beg to differ, it does. You just have to recognize it when it arrives at your doorstep and be willing to recieve it. We settle too easy or we’re too damn picky & undecisive. It’s extremes. What if this kind of Love was staring you in the face and you walked away from it? Or even worse what if you just never opened your heart up to the thought of that kind of feeling? Just my thoughts for today. I don’t even know what took me here, Lol.

God. Love. Life. Music.


23 thoughts on “Song of The Day & Thoughts…

    • And Deep. That’s why I ask God, to send the one. But like you said we question that. Is it the one or just a friend.
      I’m open, willing and ready to recieve.

  1. I was listening to this song… and saying the same thing…
    You better realize it when it’s here cuz when she’s gone… -silence-

  2. Mr. Cox Now whatever is driving you to write this is giving you messages to send to the rest of us… I believe in love all the way. Do I believe I have never experinced love. If the examples you have given is what love is really like then I’m willing to wait and pray for love. Keep the love, discard the rest.

  3. oh ma God i love ur artical what ever you call it .so you gat feelings as well its good to know .i respect you more now than before .i don,t jurgey.but i waite to get ma answers .
    love ya so much ,just keep us going.
    am gald i have gat a chance to see this other side of you.

    much love from London

  4. Sounds like you are ready to find love Mr. Cox. This post was deep and insightful. It gives single women like me hope that love still exists. Thanks for sharing

  5. Wow… glad I can represent for the fellas on this one. A couple lines stood out to me:

    “In our day and time most people would say that this type of energy doesn’t exsist, oh but I beg to differ, it does.” — No truer words man… people are so used to settling or looking for love that they miss the perfect opportunities for love to find them.

    “When Donny Hathaway’s “Love, Love, Love” makes you tear up at the thought of her. Wow. ” — I’ve been there and I know the feeling. Music is a powerful energy itself, and when music and love collide, it can shake your universe.

    When you find love, true love, you can never lose it. You can only lose sight of it… love is forever.

    PS – I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog man, especially this post.

  6. WOW. At the beginng of this, I had this long comment. Especially while listening to ERRO… I have this album, it was autographed, I have no clue where it is. So thank to you, I just DL’ed it on iTunes. Im waiting to see if the bonus track is there. I digress.

    All i can say is that I agree wholeheartledly. I think over time, you either compromise too easily or are too picky OR become emotionally unavailable to the point where you may just miss what was/is sitting under your nose. ::shrugs:: but you’re correct, you just know when you know.

    dope blog. i’ll be back…

  7. I agree with you Mr. Cox. Energy is everything. If there is no energy or chemistry between the two of you, what is going to keep you going from day to day? It’s that energy that makes you wrap your arms around her while your standing in front of your boys and say “Yes, this is my lady”. It’s that energy that will make you see only her when she is standing in the presence of 20 other beautiful women. It seems as though people don’t take relationships seriously these days. What happened to real love. So many breakups and divorces. So many people in relationships just for the sake of being able TO SAY they are in relationships. Yes it does seem as though people settle for less. However I can see how it happens. Take me for example…I am a single 26 year old African American woman with a masters degree. Everytime I open a magazine I see statistics telling me that I’ll never marry because of my race and education. That is scary to a lot of women in my same position…so a lot of them end up settling for the next “Joe Blow” that comes along because to them it beats being single. Yes, we(women) can be picky as well. Many of us have written lists with our girlfriends describing characteristics of our potential mates. However, I learned to throw the lists away. No one is perfect and no one will ever be perfect. At this point in my life, I think about love often. I often wonder how and when it will happen. I want to know how it feels to experience that Eric Benet and Tamia “Spend My Life With You” type of love or that Faith Evans “Never Let Go” type of love. Until then I will continue to pray for my guy. God has a special plan for my life and I know that he has uniquely designed someone just for me. Until the day comes that I shall meet him, I will continue to enjoy life and pray for his safety until he finds his way to me. Love is everything…..Peace..

  8. Man I am still in a daze with this Vernon situation. Every since I went to that funeral I have been questioning everything in my life and have been sorting out what is really important. When it is all said and done the only thing that is going to count is how many people did you directly effect in a positive way. I am hard on myself because I want to be in a better position to help more people and the people that I see in that position are not really taking advantage of their power. Love, true relationships, true friendships are what life is all about. Positive, true people tend to attract each other, it’s something about the energy. I looked at Vernon’s Twitter account at what he wrote 5 days before he died, about a nightmare he had about 4 guys robbing him…Life is funny like that, sometimes God gives you the signs but we don’t have a good enough relationship with him to understand. Everybody I meet, everybody I talk to is for a reason, NOTHING is just be chance…

    I bet it is hard to find true love driving a Bentley. Cox you are very low key, you can still just go places and a lot of women will not know you. I wonder if a woman meets you and doesn’t know your status would that give her an advantage? I debated this at work, the women at my job says they didn’t care if the man was rich or not, but I don’t think that is true. If I was rich looking for love, I wouldn’t want the woman to know, I think it would make true love harder to find… If you lost everything would she still be there?

    • “If you lost everything would she still be there?”

      If you are talking about a GIRL–NO– she’s gone before daylight but if you’re talking about a WOMAN well then she’s there until time is no longer time and even after that; her spirit is still whispering in your ear that this too shall pass while wiping away your tears simultaneously encouraging you to be strong!

      The Heart/(Eyes)to the soul never lie!! Oftentimes we just forget to step back and notice!!

  9. There is a live version of this song that actually inspired this post. Couldn’t find it on youtube so I posted the original version.

  10. Spock, I agree that having money makes it harder in meeting “the one” because you have to determine who’s really there for you or who’s there for the money! However, honesty and trust is vital in making a lasting relationship work. In response to your question of “If you lost everything would should still be there?” I think if she has the heart of God, she will still be there because considering that Bryan has accomplished alot because of his gift, then if he lost everything and still had his gift, then she wouldn’t have to worry about their family being taken care of/provided for because his gift would still make room for him. It’s not about the material things all the time but it’s about knowing who you are and whose you are.

  11. I usually don’t use a lot of acronyms but OMG! My insides are raveled; I can’t even come up with the words to respond to this post. You’ll spoke the truth, specifically B. Cox and Spoke. It is such joy and breathe of fresh air to hear men say such thought provoking and honest things. My heart is full of love and I thank you all for being such positive people and realizing the gifts and blessings God has bestowed on you, so that you may inspire and encourage many. I thank you’ll for your vulnerability, open hearts and minds. All I can say is LOVE!

  12. Love is the most precious gift you can receive. You must love yourself in order to really love someone else. You have to allow yourself to be loved. You have to have an open heart & spirit. You cannot allow past hurst/pain block you from having the most wonderful experience. “Without risk, there is no reward”. You have to put yourself out there and just be open to it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! You don’t have to go searching for it because when it’s right and ordered by God, it will find you!

  13. I realized recently that Love isn’t always what you think it is and it doesn’t always come in the package you were expecting. We wait for the big box with the big, red, obnoxious bow… and all the while it was the beat up, tossed and trampled cardboard box we threw in the corner that held exactly what we needed. That’s the thing, when searching for love we’re looking mostly for what we WANT… we neglect what we NEED. Sometimes we don’t even know what we need and God gives it to us and we take it for granted because it requires too much work. Then we open that big box with the bow and find that it was just full of bubble wrap. No substance. Love doesn’t always make a grand entrance.

  14. this song is so amazing.
    I think that God has someone in store for each and everyone of us. It just might take some time to find that someone. When it seeems like you dont find anyone you just need to remember that there will be better times when you have that someone by your side.
    There is nothing better than the feeling you have when you wake up in the morning and have that someone right next to you. I totally agree with you Bryan

  15. I am just getting back on here and wanted to say this was a great post. B Cox I know you are a poet, you might need to do some love and relationship stuff. I think we are still struggling in the black community with the relationships between our black men and black women. With all the black people here in Atlanta, you would think somebody somewhere would have a forum for this. Maybe I just don’t know about it.

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