Song of the Day: Bonus

“Love, Love, Love” Donny Hathaway [Atco/Atlantic Records] taken from “Extension of A Man”

Well, because I mentioned this joint in the previous post and I got some positive feedback I figured I should post it. This is how Love is supposed to sound like. Big shouts to all of the people who are falling in Love and still believing in Love.

God. LOVE. Life. Music.


2 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Bonus

  1. Wow…sometimes, I feel like I believe in Love a little too much. You know the kind of love that you get happy and start smiling just because you see his name showing up on the caller id when he calls you. This blog has been refreshing to see that I’m not a hopeless romantic by myself. Also, to the person that was talking about the statistics, sister forget about the statistics. If God says we can have the desires of our heart, then that’s what we’re going to have. So until then, we will just wait patiently for God to manifest His promises. Remember, God can’t lie…His name is on the line. Be encouraged!

  2. Wow…This Song is simply Amazing…Although I have been “unlucky” in love I will never stop believing in the endless possibilities that can and will happen someday! Bryan–you took the words directly from my heart……The one thing we all want to experience in this lifetime–Unconditional True LOVE!!

    BMC: Your EYES….

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