Classic Music.

“Don’t Leave (Goodbye Love Remix)” BlackSTREET [Interscope Records]
Remix Produced by Teddy Riley for New Jack Swing Productions, Inc.

This is a remix from their multi platinum album “Another Level”. It borrows Guy’s [Teddy’s first group with Aaron Hall] “Goodbye Love”. I know I do a lot of blogs about Teddy Riley but I can’t help it. This nigga is one of the coldest to ever do it! You know you a cold when you remix a song you produced with another song that you produced and it sounds damn near better than the original. Wow. Check out how Teddy uses the “talk box” [not auto tune, you have to be able to play the keyboard or guitar to use the talk box. Big ups to my man K-Fam] to add textures to the backgrounds and his adlibs. Dopeness.

God. Love. Life. Music. [& The New Jack Swing]


6 thoughts on “Classic Music.

  1. teddy is one of my favorite producers also!!!
    he is THE COLDEST!!!

    i love how he can go from r&b, 2 hip hop, 2 pop, to gospel to rock!!!

    have u heard this remix
    blackstreet fix remix with slash and odb

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