I was going through my vinyl and came across this album that had my Auntie Jaquie’s name on it. This album was Zapp II. It was released in 1982 and for some reason I vividly remember when she bought this album. And I remember thinking how cool my Aunt’s signature was! But most importantly how cool her taste of music was because she listened to everything from Zapp to Steely Dan to Asia to Foreigner to The Isley’s to Bob James to Hall & Oates to Shalamar. My entire family has incredible taste in music but by far hers was the most diverse at one time. I mean she had ALL of these albums. And she used to sign her name on them religiously because I think she figured that her sisters would “borrow” them and never return them, so if her name was on them she could easily come over and claim them! Lol. But somehow I have inherited all some of her records and it just reminds me of the “investment” my family made in my future without even knowing that they were investing in anything. They were just complete lovers of music. And their love for music is what gave me my love. And I love them for instilling this love in me early. This music was the soundtrack to our life and even though I am 31 years old, The memories are still so vivid!!!!

God. Love. Life. Music. [& Family]


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  1. Just reading this reminds me of my childhood going thru my mother’s record collection the smell of the albumcovers, the artwork remember when the cover was part of the experince of the album. Now it’s just a picture… I believe the love of music is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child it makes them a person open to culture and diversity…

  2. I adore how genuine your love is for music, and music alone. Despite all the industry politics, your heart seems to be in the same place it started! Not to mention, all of your compositions are favorites in my book πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful memories you have and produce.

    The fond memories of this particular Zapp album that I also have on vinyl comes from my marching band days in high school.

    Zapp II was released either the summer or fall of 1982 and it was my senior year. Whenever Doo Wah Ditty came on, there was a flow of love and energy and one accord on the bus and wherever the song was heard that was incredible.

    Imagine “Joy & Pain” being a danceable party record for teen agers:)

    Then my favorite album cut was “Do You Really Want An Answer?” which never became a single to my memory.

    Your aunt truly laid some serious foundation in exposing you to everything needed to produce a creative artist.

    Many of the musicians and performers within the vibe of Asia and Foreigner can be found on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” especially from the members of Toto.

    Your music is centered, so no doors are closed to you. Your aunt paid the dues indeed.

    I really have nothing but a fist bump for her signing her name to her albums:) Vinyl was seldom totally transferred to cassette, so she knew how to insure her ownership!!!

    Praise God for our ancestors and descendants who love music just as much as we do!


  4. No matter what the love for music is the binding tide that we have in common. There is nothing like going through records. Your boy A&R serge was on twitter today talking about autotune and how we need to get rid of it and why it’s the cause of music being so messed up now. I asked him has he ever heard of Roger? And then I asked him did he know that most of the records from the 60’s through 80’s were made with the same 5 instruments? He didn’t know have anything to say about that. People just have to realize that music is free. Once you put that in your mind, you can then focus on creating a artist that is going to do sell out shows and get crazy radio play. (Publishing and shows) that is it. The 360 contracts are of must importance today. Once again..MOST IS NOW FREE!!

    Great job on this interview, very informative.


  5. My Dad purchased albums in the same way you describe your Mother and Aunts doing so. His love was focused on Blues, Jazz, and R&B. People have always commented on the amount of albums stored in my parents family room. Thanks to his love of music, I have CDs from artist who were popular during my childhood.

  6. Ohh I remember my Dad’s record collection and those Saturday mornings spent cleaning up to Motown’s greatest. And let’s not even talk about the “grown folks” parties. The ones which I was not invited to but could come downstairs very early in the evening (in my footie pajamas, no less) to say hello. Music=Memories. Thanks for reminding me, Bryan.

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