“He Ain’t Wit Me (Tho’)” Rich Girl [Richcraft/Jive Records]

These are my homegirls: Lyndriette, Seven, Brave, & Audra. I really like this joint. Rich is a very talented songwriter/producer and he happens to be my good friend. They give me a Destiny’s Child vibe and being that I was there in the beginning of their career, I feel like it’s time for that kind of energy to come back around. Hopefully Jive and Rich will be able to get their point across. Nonetheless, I am diggin’… Diggin…. Diggin… BTW, I also produced a smokin’ ballad on them written by Wyldcard and The Council. Big shouts!!!

God. Love. Life. Music. [& the return of the girl group!]


4 thoughts on “DOPENESS. NEW MUSIC.

  1. yeah, they may look a little too much like Destiny, in this video….I lucked up and caught them last weekend when I was w/ Mario in Houston; they performed a lil bit..I dug them live…

  2. yea, they are dope!

    EZ Tommy, been put me on 2 them a few yrs ago, b4 they were officially together!

    but i could tell by the demos that they was gonna be dope!

    and the ballad u did is hot 2!

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