Double dose of Living The Life!!!!

Nelly a.k.a. Mo Green a.k.a. Ace has entered the building y’all!!! And of course it’s going down!!!

Ocean’s Baby!!
BMC a.k.a. Leon Phelps, The Texas Ranger!


4 thoughts on “Double dose of Living The Life!!!!

  1. Hey Bryan, a song recently leaked called “Not Trying To Hear It”, is this a demo meant for JoJo, please answer, thanks!


  2. Wow, so Justin Beiber is really going to release some stuff? That’s what’s up! Btw, I really like your blog, (it’s better than Global 14, and not as messy, and includes stuff I’m interested in, music!!!), so you’ll probabaly see me in here a lot!

    Let’s go, B-Cox!

  3. mannnnn this has got to be the funniest shit ive ever seen in my live my nigga damn! home boi said “dont run no games!…you need to print up some shirts with niggas qoutes on them! dat nigga said “I better get a hell of ah tip”

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