“Never Give You Up” Raphael Saadiq featuring Stevie Wonder & CJ [Columbia]

First of all I’d like to say that this is some of the most refreshing music I have heard in a long time. V-103 has been playing this joint for a minute. Everytime I hear this song it re-installs my faith in the fact that “real” music never dies. This is like a perfect mixture of Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Ray Parker, Jr. & the 60’s Motown sound! The artist that is featured on this album happens to be a great friend of mine, his name is CJ. The nigga is the truth, he has so much soul. He is gonna be next to blow & the dude is a tough musician/producer. And of course, the Legendary Stevie Wonder plays harmonica on this. Ray never fails when he makes albums. Been a big fan since the first Tony, Toni, Tone’ album and I am very grateful to call him a friend. This song moves me emotionally.

God. LOVE. Life. Music. [SOUL]


4 thoughts on “DOPENESS. NEW MUSIC.

  1. By far one of my favorite CDs in life. He said this was “his” project – reflected what he wanted and didn’t care about album sells or radio play. Its refreshing to know that almost a year since having that conversation with him, his music from an amazing album is indeed getting radio play. Ray Ray is de truf!! 🙂


  2. I agree with the above comments and BMC. Real music will NEVER die, but a nice percentage of it will be pushed aside in media world. I just hope the industry gets back to truly giving credit to real/meaningful music one day. And do it blindly – respect and appreciation shouldn’t just be directed to the younger and most handsome/beautiful person

  3. Raphael Saadiq – he use to be my cousin boyfriend’s neighbor, wonder what happened to him, guess now I know!

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