Big shouts to the homie Andre Harris. He did this artwork and sent it to me. I thought it was dope & I really appreciate the fact that he is a LIFER!!! Here is a little about the artist:

Andre is a graduate of The Art Institute of Atlanta and The American Intercontinental University, He has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the art world. Born in Norfolk, Va., Andre’s creations center around the complexity of the human figure, while his unique sense of color and dramatic composition put his paintings in a class by themselves.


27 thoughts on “OCEAN’S ARTWORK!

  1. yoooo dat shit is tough.. im a lifer! im tite they put b cox in the back tho.. das ma favorite oceans lol sike nah.. the pic is deff hot though!! o shit am i 1st?????????????????

  2. Cox-

    This boy is fire!!! Wow. This piece captures a nice feel of the OCEANS BOYS…Kudos to the artist. Impressive.

  3. That drawing is hot. Dude is really talented. It’s funny how my babe Johnta even looks tipsy when he’s in black and white. ha ha.

  4. This is hott. I love art and can respect a fellow artist on they grind. Much love and respect B COX for displaying those who have talent and are true LIFERS

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