Throwback of the Day

If You Were Here Tonight Alexander O’Neal [Tabu/CBS Records]
Written & Produced by: Monte Moir for Flyte Tyme Productions, Inc.

This song was on Alexander’s debut album for Clerance Avant’s Tabu Records. This was also Jimmy & Terry’s homie. He was in the original version of what would end up being The Time. Rumor has it that when Prince signed the band, he said that Alex was “too black” to be the lead singer so he replaced him with Morris Day. But of course we don’t know the real reason, but what I do know is he went on to make some pretty incredible music with 2 of my mentors Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. I heard this song on the radio today and I had to post it!!! One thing is clear, REAL songs are always timeless…. Big up Jam & Lewis!!! AND ACTUALLY MONTE MOIR WROTE AND PRODUCED THIS SONG. Monte was the other keyboard player in The Time. He left and ended up being a staff producer for Flyte Tyme for many years! He also wrote and produced “The Pleasure Principle” for Janet!

God. Love. Life. Music. [Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnatonka]


6 thoughts on “Throwback of the Day

  1. I’m really sad about that I did not grew up in the time where those songs were able to make my person.. Heared this song now the first time in my life and it makes me dream.. that’s what a song should do! Make yourself dream for a better life, a better situation and a better time, and even if this song is not telling this in its lyrics, the whole sound confers it to me.. where to find sth. like this in our time now? Rare.

    Thanks for sharing it, you know about good music and you made my night!! ;D

  2. ….this song is a classic. I was just listenin to it yesterday. Man, 80’s vids were so, ummm, cheesy…lol Dude had some funny facial expression in this vid. But that song and others from that time just took you to another place.

    Cox, do you remember this song? This one was pretty cold.

  3. Alexander Oneal stays in rotation, I love his music. One of my favorite songs is “shame on me” I had it on tape years ago, but can’t find an MP3 version. Now this is babymaking music for real.

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