“Welcome To Heartbreak” Kanye West [Hip Hop Since 1978/Roc-A-Fella Records]

I saw this video for the first time today. And I must say I believe that Kanye is going down in history as one of our generations most consistant artists. Say whatever you want to say about him, the nigga is doing HIM & he doesn’t give a fuck. And his passion for his art is growing and getting stronger with every album. He takes chances that most artists won’t take. He has merged the backpack rapper with 80’s pop with a dash of street shit going on. Whatever Kanye is making you can’t define it, you can’t confine it to a box and he is getting airplay in ALL markets!!!! Gotta love that! [and of course being in this biz, I can’t help but relate to this album in it’s entirety]

God. Love. Life. Music. [808’s & Heartbreaks]


3 thoughts on “DOPENESS. NEW MUSIC.

  1. This album is undeniably great!!! I have a friend that thinks he’s too arrogant, therefore refuses to listen to his music b/c of that reason…I told her she’s missing out on GREAT music! So I got her in the car the other day…I put in the 808’s & Heartbreak CD and made sure I drove the speed limit everywhere we went that day so she could hear at least 1/2 the album, LOL!

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