Throwback of the Day

Today I am on my New Jack Swing shit! Here is Blackstreet featuring SWV & Craig Mack “Tonight’s The Night” [which was co-written by Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo -The Neptunes] & Blackstreet’s “Joy” [which was co-written by the great Michael Jackson]. Both songs are from their self titled LP released in 1994. Enjoy these videos. This music always puts me in a great mood.

God. Love. Life. Music. [New Jack Swing]


7 thoughts on “Throwback of the Day

  1. yooooo, that Joy “new carnegie” remix was sooooo dope!!! them strings and the grand piano made it so dynamic!

    have u ever checked this out???
    its the before i let go acapella
    its sooooooo dope, becuz the stuff teddy does arrangement wise, all the little nuances its fresh. check it out (especially the end of the 2nd verse and the bridge) he goes in!

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