Behind The Scenes: Ginuwine’s “Last Chance”

Here is a behind the scences look at Ginuwine’s new single “Last Chance”. Produced by [ME]. Written by: Adonis Shropshire. REQUEST THIS JOINT ON YOUR LOCAL RADIO STATIONS AND VIDEO OUTLETS!!! He has cameos from LisaRaye, Tyrese, & Adonis in this joint! Big ups!!!

God. Love. Life. Music.


7 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes: Ginuwine’s “Last Chance”

  1. Thats wassup man I was the opening DJ for show he did in Tokyo last year. I was suprised when he mentioned that was his first time in Japan lol. Glad to c him get out that label situation. I know 4 a fact biz can get fucked it quick thats y me and my team rock independent I WANT ALL MY MONEY!

  2. Hey Brian,how r u.
    i’m only here to show u some luv.i love ur work and all u do.i appreciate ur music dude ur ur beats and all the songs u’ve produced.i’ve cn u on jd1472,global14.twitter and now i’m here and this is only because i love wat u do.ur intelligent,wonderful,awesome.and extremmely good at wat u do.go brov.u rock.
    send my luv to the ocean 6. especially USHER AND TREY.

    if u ever get a chance u can check out my twitter.”druluv” ur awesome dude.

  3. Ginuwine is my dude! I won my first talent show singing his version of “She’s Out of My Life” on the 100% ginuwine album!!! OVERALL!!! Crazy Keep doing ya thang COX I need another Grammy! lol

  4. u guys did a great job w/this song.
    With u’r production & G singing his heart out, it feels G is coming through the speakers when i listen 2 it. (he’s not though, i checked!) lol

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