Song of The Day…

Alone With You by Tevin Campbell (Quest/Warner Bros. Records)

I was listening to one of my slow jam playlists in my ipod on shuffle and this song came on and brought back crazy memories! I remember being on the phone with this joint playing in the background doing my best “mack daddy” voice for many a young lady. During this time, I had to have been in middle school and I started letting people know that I was a singer. So I started singing this song and “Stay” by Jodeci. That’s when I realized that the ladies liked the singers! So I started singing like crazy!!! But I remember having an incredible crush on Errolyn Archie around this time. And I used to sing this song to her all of the time. So here is “Alone With You” by Tevin Campbell. Dedicated to one of my major middle school crushes, Errolyn Nichole Archie… Lol.


God. Love. Life. Music.



10 thoughts on “Song of The Day…

  1. I loved Tevin Campbell too. I remember moments in life by the music I listened to. I use to play Tevin’s “Alway’s in My Heart,” when my older 7th grade boyfriend bought me the tape after he “cheated” on me…lol!! Those were the days! We need more music like that.

  2. Aww that was so sweet. I forgot about this song. I have can we talk, and tell me what you want me to do in my playlist.

  3. Tevin Campbell was ridiculous! I loved this song. Now he’s picking up men in the park and ish but that’s the life of a child star for you! LOL.

  4. did you know that K-ci and Jojo did a lot of work on that album wit kyle west and al b sure???
    i used 2 have the demo reference on tape somewhere!!!!

    but i believe it was dave hollister, kci, jojo and horace brown singing it!!! DOPE.Com lol also on (confused, goodbye, just ask me to)

    horace brown, and dave hollister also did backgrounds all over the jodeci 1st album “forever my lady”
    especially on (stay) u can still hear them on certain parts.

    have u ever heard this???
    this is the forever my lady demo lol
    probably before al b and kyle west touched it!

    also check this out, its a song devante did for ginuwine back in the day

  5. Wow! This record was one my favorite productions by Al B Sure who I think is an under appreciated R&B producer. I was in like 6th grade when this joint dropped and this was the joint that got the girls talking!LOL

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