Living the Life (Sex Talk 2)

In this edition of Living the Life, you guys get a sneak peek at one of the joints we’re working on called “Just Be U”. I was in LA but I was there via twitter and spirit!!!! Lol. Enjoy.

Oceans baby,
Leon Phelps, The Texas Ranger.


4 thoughts on “Living the Life (Sex Talk 2)

  1. Hey BMC! Just wanted to let you know that I think that what u guys do on a daily basis is amazing, to say the least. It Takes a true professional to put out the body of work that you have. My daughter is into the “music thing” and I think she is leaning more towards the production/engineering side of things (she’s 17 so she hasn’t made her mind up). She is well rounded musically, not just focused on one Genre of music, plays piano, percussion,Die hard A.Keys fan, etc..I try to get her to understand how the overall quality of the music is important (lyrics, track, production, vocals, etc) instead of just whether or not it has a banging or catchy track. I use your work as examples of the things I try to get her to see.. Just wanted to say thanks..Keep killin em!!

  2. The hook sounds hot, can’t wait to hear the song itself! It’s true, people these days need to be just who they are. (good, bad, and ugly)..I forgot which comic said it, but I’m sick of meeting a dude’s representation on dates or at the club…only to find out later the real person he is..but to answer your question, I think it’s selfish of you to want to change someone…a relationship worth having is about growth…you go through stages where the things that made you fall in love w/ that person eventually comes to be an annoyance…that’s natural…but at the same time your eyes should be open to the qualities/quirk they take on by having you around…I always say if a person doesn’t bring something positive and progressive to the relationship, that’s not a relationship you need to be in…plus, when a person changes b/c you ask them to or manipulate them to, those “changes” won’t last long

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